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We are not a Surety company … However we handle Surety, Federal, and Professional bonds. Thus giving you more choices on your arrangements and payment plans.

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Which jail do I contact?

If the person was detained in Richland County then they are likely in the Alvin S Glenn Detention Center. Always call or perform an inmate search before going to the detention center directly.
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Alvin S Glenn Detention Center
Address: 201 John Mark Dial Dr, Columbia, SC 29209
Phone: (803) 576-3200
Online Inmate Search: Alvin S Glenn Detention Center Inmate Search

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Juvenile Detention Center
Address: 1725 Shivers Road,Columbia, South Carolina 29212
Phone: (803) 896-9440

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Have more questions about the bail bond process? Read our full bail bond FAQ.


Frequently asked questions

Every day we hear from Columbia residents who are aren’t sure exactly how the bail bond process works. Don’t worry we can help! Below are some of the questions we hear most often:
A bail bond is used to allow someone who was recently arrested to leave jail in advance of their court hearing. In order to do this the judge will set a bond amount that will need to be posted to make sure the defendant shows up for their court date. If the defendant shows up for their court date the bond will be returned.
When you or a person you know gets arrested they are held in jail until their bond hearing. During that hearing the judge will set a bond amount. This amount needs to be provided at the jail for the person to be released from jail. If you don’t have the cash available the person will stay in jail unless you contact a bondsman who can post the bail for you.
There are several ways to get a bail bond. The first is to use a bondsman (That's Us!). The second is to post cash for the full amount of your bond yourself. The judge may also allow you to use some personal property like a home, car or other valuable items as collateral. Occasionally the judge will also let the defendant go without the need to post bail or they will give the defendant whats known as a Personal Recognizance (PR) Bond.
The more information you can provide the better. Usually the defendant can be located by name, provided it is spelled correctly and the person has been booked. If you are not sure the spelling or which jail they may be in, just call us and we can help.
Depending on the circumstance, you may need to use some personal assets for collateral. This is commonly a home, land, or some form of property.
This is the scenario that you would want to use a bail bondsman. In exchange for a service fee, the bail bondsman will post the bail amount for you allowing you to leave jail.
If you post the bond yourself you will receive the bond amount back. If you use a bail bondsman you will not get your premium (the service fee charged by the bondsman) back.

Steps Of The Bond Process


A bail amount is set


We post a bond for your bail; in exchange you pay us a percentage of the bail


You are given a court date that you are required to attend


If you do not show up, the full amount of the bond is due and you will be arrested again